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Posted: April 28, 2015

Don't forget to wear your favorite Jersey on Wednesday as the teachers play off against the grade 7/8 class!  We have 100% particpation this week so far.....let's keep our class in the top category.  

Posted: April 23, 2015

We have been working on persuasive writing pieces in class this week.  Students submitted one from a list of topics and wrote a five paragraph piece of writing.  This rubric will be expected for all writing pieces for the remainder of the year.  Also, a reminder to keep up with the reading of novel. 

Posted: April 23, 2015

We have been working on these words and including them in our writing pieces the last few weeks.  The test will vary depending on the student's ability.  This list is one that we, as a class, agreed to cover.
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Posted: April 14, 2015

We are studying the novel the Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, the three time Newberry Honour author.  Grade 7/8 students have their own personal copy and are reading it on their own.  Grade 5/6 students are studying the novel as a read aloud.  I will be posting comprehension questions periodically to keep students on track with the plot and our activities with the book. 

Posted: April 14, 2015

Students in grade 2/3 will be receiving a block of Math technology to support their regular Math curriculum.  Students will be working at their own pace on a variety of previousily covered topics.  As the term progresses, we will be looking at some topics in Science as well.  There will be links on this page to review at home with your child.   


Vocabulary Test
Short answer questions for the novel study