Canada 150 Show

Posted: May 10, 2017

Once again, the students and staff of Tabusintac Community School dazzled the crowd with their Canada 150 Dinner Theatre.  From the moment of arrival to the moment the building was cleared out, everyone was surrounded by "All Things Canadian"!  A few highlights were appearances by our 'special guests' including Sir John A. MacDonald, Justin and Pierre Trudeau, and "Grapes" himself - Mr. Don Cherry!  There were singing numbers, dancing numbers, and some history of our great country thrown in to tie it all together.  All this, and a spaghetti dinner too?  Of course!  Nothing but the best for our friends and family members!

A very special thank you goes out to Amanda MacEachern and Kendra Breau for the planning of the show. The time and effort you put in over the last month (or more) certainly paid off.  Marilyn Ward, Shirley Breau, Albert Grant and Gary Forrest - thank you for preparing the meal and organizing the serving.  The homemade spaghetti sauce and cupcakes were a delicious treat.  Tanya McEachern and the student servers - thank you for making sure everyone was served and enjoyed their meals.  Jody Holmes and Rose Marie Gautreau - thank you for keeping the cups and glasses full of tea, coffee and water, and helping out whenever and wherever needed.  Allison Robertson and Gaetane McGraw - thank you for keeping the student performers organized and on track for the show, it's no easy task for sure! Angie Forbes - thank you for organizing the distribution and collection of tickets and money as well as planning the seating arrangement. 

Thank you to all the friends and family members who came to see the performance.  This fundraiser will definitely allow the students to do some of the things they have on their wish list, including the Grade 8 end of year trip. 

Thank you to the St. Andrew's United Church and the parents of our Grade 8 students for the donation of the supplies for the spaghetti dinner.

Thank you to those who allowed us to use some priceless decorations - Robert Ward (wooden cut out decorations) and Calma Harding (quilted wall-hangings)

Last, but not least, thank you to the Home & School Committee for supplying funding for costumes, decorations, etc. 


Congratulations to Tammy Francis who won the door prize (a wooden Canada sign) as well as Lorainne Savoie who won the "All Things Canadian" gift basket.  We hope you enjoy your gifts!