March 26: Parent/Guardian Survey

Posted: March 26, 2020

Dear Parents / Guardians:

These are very uncertain times that the New Brunswick Education System has never before experienced or been faced with.  In our tentative plans to move forward with Home Learning during the 2019-2020 school year, we are exploring many possibilities.


E-Learning / Online Learning is a popular choice for many education systems in our country and neighbouring countries at this time. Because not everyone has the same opportunities with regards to access to internet services, we have decided to do a survey of the situation for our Tabusintac Community School families. 


We have a few questions to ask our families to determine how Home Learning would best work. With the answers to these questions, we will be able to determine to what degree E-Learning / Online Learning may be an option for us to use.


1.      Do you have Internet Service in your home? If yes, how would you describe it? Dial up? High Speed? Unlimited? Data only?


2.     Do you have Wifi?


3.     Do you have a computer in your home that your child(ren) may access?


4.     Do you have a tablet in your home that your child(ren) may access?


5.     Do you have a smartphone in your home that your child(ren) may access?


6.     Do you have an email address that you use or may be able to use on a regular basis?


7.     Do you have a Facebook account that you use or may be able to use on a regular basis?


8.     Do you have access to a local TV Station? (example: Bell or Rogers)


9.     For future communication purposes, what is the best way to contact you? Please provide all information you are willing to share.


a.    Telephone (number) __________________


b.    Email (address) ___________________


c.    Messenger/Facebook (account name) ___________________



Please share your answers to these questions with Mrs. Morris.  You may respond via the Tabusintac Community School Facebook page "Message" section or you may email your answers to


The parents we do not hear from by Wednesday, April 1st will be contacted via telephone.


We will still be using our Facebook page and School Website for announcements and information. If you have access, please check these on a regular basis.


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