TCS Christmas Show 2017

Posted: December 14, 2017

To say our show was a success would be a huge understatement.  Parents, family members, friends, students and staff witnessed a grand display of Christmas Spirit at the highest level.  With only a few technical glitches, our students showed their resourcefulness and professionalism while they took the audience on a journey of what Christmas is really all about...being present!


Thank you to all of the parents, family members and friends who attended.  We were happy to see so many of you today - so many that we totally underestimated the number of chairs we would need...


A huge thank you to the entire staff of Tabusintac Community School.  Without you, our shows wouldn't happen.  You always prepare the students well and they always come through for the audience.  A special thank you to the organizers, but also to the staff members who always work behind the scenes.  Mrs. MacEachern, as the director of the show, you have once again shown great strength and leadership.  Well done!


A few points of interest:

Some of our students were awarded prizes for our Remembrance Day Contest:

Grade 6

1st Place: Kaydance Lambert

2nd Place: Chas Lundgren


Grade 7

1st Place: Nick Hamann

2nd Place: Tyson Comeau


Grade 8

1st Place: Abby Fowler-Harding

2nd Place: Coby Vienneau

3rd Place: Madison Comeau


We also had a winner for our Christmas Basket.  Over $2000 was raised for the Tabusintac Home & School.  Our winner was Arlene Harding.  Congratulations, Arlene and enjoy your wonderful prizes!