Winter Fun Week

Posted: February 25, 2018

The members of the Student Council Executive have planned a special week for the students of Tabusintac Community School this year.  Here are a few details of the plans for the week:


Monday:  Theme: Canadian Proud – Students will be asked to wear their “Red and White” clothing with any other Canadian symbols they can think of (maple leaves, tuques, Tim Hortons, Canadian Sports teams logos, etc)  We will have a few things at the school in case you can’t find anything at home to wear!


Tuesday: Theme: Tropical Tuesday – Students will try to beat the winter blues by celebrating summer in the winter.  They will be asked to wear flowered shirts, bright colours, hula skirts, leis, etc.  A few items will be available at school in case you don’t have these items at home.


Wednesday: Theme: Pink Shirt Day – Students will be asked to wear pink to help support the anti-bullying movement.  Reminder that Wednesday, February 28 is a half day of school.  Students will leave the school at 11:30am.


Thursday: Theme: Winter Olympics: Students will wear the colours of the country that they will be assigned (Countries will be assigned early in the week). There will be some Olympic activities for you and your classmates to compete in.  Students will also be taking part in a special activity in the afternoon!


Friday: Theme: Jersey Day – Students will wear jerseys from their favourite team.  We will be going skating at the Neguac arena in the afternoon.